Yodel Deloso Penacho, Esq.

Business, Estate Life and Legacy, and Immigration Attorney

My mission has always been to apply my personal principles to my law practice – providing individualized personal attention to every client, dedication to the client’s cause, and compassionate representation. Passion for the law and helping people coupled with years of international legal experience allow me to be the problem-solving and supportive counselor that you need during the legal journey. I have had great and meaningful successes representing and counseling hundreds of clients over the years, in matters mainly focused on immigration and estate planning.

In 2003, I immigrated to the United States with the goal of furthering my studies and starting a family. After being admitted to the State Bar of California, I worked with one of the country’s renowned immigration lawyers and scholars. Then I discovered quickly the overall lack of compassion and care that is ingrained in legal practice in the United States and wanted to make a change.

I saw a lack of empathy and meaningful relationships between lawyers and their clients, that there was an overall systemic value of poor communication, and there were hidden and unpredictable fees.

This inspired me to begin my legal practice with a new paradigm that focuses on creating a supportive, transparent experience for my clients. Deloso Penacho Law is a place where individuals and families feel secure, hopeful, and supported.

I am a proud mother to two beautiful children. And I am also an immigrant which affords me empathy and compassion for the needs of my clients. And as my walk through life and profession continues, I am ever more inspired by providing legal services that thrive on connectedness and dedication to client’s needs and providing the best service possible to positively impact generations to come.

Today, I continue to practice immigration and estate planning in the United States and the Philippines providing specialized services to local and international clients as I help them protect their families, assets, and businesses.

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